Linear Computing Inc. (LCI) was established in 2009 to perform software development for the Automotive and Industrial Automation sectors. We expanded our services in 2012 to include electronics design, systems integration and product distribution. Today, LCI is a total solutions provider whose core business revolves around electronics and software design, product development and manufacture.

Our team has 20 years of engineering design excellence and we continue to expand our knowledge in new technologies. Our specialties are:

• High-tech electronics design
• Embedded systems design
• Micro-controller and PC software
• Low power, low voltage design
• Mobile application development
• Industrial controls and automation
• Integration of various sensor technologies
• Test, calibration and measurement

LCI’s business model for steady growth and long-term stability follows an organic path, focused on continually improving our internal processes and productivity to lower costs while delivering value. We continue to build a solid business foundation by building strong relationships with our existing customers and developing products and services that are useful to them, which we can then take to new customers in different markets.

In this demanding environment, we understand the pressures to excel. You must innovate faster at lower costs while maintaining superior quality. LCI’s proficiency in high-tech engineering and stringent engineering practices will get you to where you need to go. Our team is committed to taking the stress out of your development. We can tackle specific areas of your project, or with our comprehensive list of products and services, be the single source you can trust to take you from concept to market.


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