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Linear Computing Inc. is a proud member of the Toradex Partner Network. We support Toradex customers with product development by providing valuable hardware and software services such as carrier board design, firmware development, application development, OS & driver development and systems integration.

Toradex is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of pin-compatible Computer-on-Modules (COMs) that use cutting-edge ARM-based SoCs. Their strong product line of COMs offer a fast and affordable way to bring your product vision to reality.

100525-icon-colibri-128x128Apalis logo Colibri ARM Family: SODIMM-sized, pin-compatible COMs based on the NVIDIA Tegra, NXP Freescale Vybrid / iMX 6 / iMX 7 and Marvel PXA SoCs offer easy migration to future technologies.

Apalis ARM Family: COM architecture compliments the Colibri family. A wide range of features & industry standard interfaces, advanced multimedia & high-speed connectivity makes Apalis suitable for almost an unlimited number of applications.

Development with Toradex modules is made very easy with an extensive range of available accessories and free pre-built images and BSPs that are at production quality grade.

Here are important advantages that you can depend on when you choose Toradex products:

  • free OS updates, bug fixes & feature additions
  • over 10 years guaranteed product availability
  • robust standards, extensive interfaces
  • in-house development of BSPs for Windows & Linux
  • robust quality assurance – rigorous testing
  • competitive & transparent pricing
  • direct support from Toradex development engineers
  • extensive online technical resources
  • minimized development risk
  • stable supply chain
  • multiple manufacturing partners
  • reduced time to market

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