When a custom design doesn’t make sense for your project, we can recommend the right solution using off-the-shelf products. We have a large offering of ready-to-deploy industrial computing products from leading manufacturers. We can provide that single element to complete your system or assemble the necessary hardware and software components for a  turn-key solution so you can concentrate on your core business.

You can rely on our technology expertise and close relationships with our suppliers to help you achieve your project goals, lower your risks and get to market fast. We can meet your demands for high performance, 32/64-bit bandwidth, fanless design, low power consumption, rich I/O, flexible system configurations, long life cycles, wide temperature ranges, rugged construction and low cost.

Tell us what you need and we will get to work for you.



Box PC

ARM Modules

COM Module

Industrial Motherboard


Panel PC




Smart Short Time UPS (STUPS)

Short Time UPS (STUPS) is a device designed to provide protection against unexpected power loss and consequent potential loss of data or integrity of the system. It is designed to meet the requirements of embedded applications where high reliability of unsupervised systems is required. An embedded system equipped with the STUPS is guaranteed to execute proper shutdown sequence every time, when power is accidentally or purposely disconnected.

This significantly simplifies power on/off procedures for the system.

As an option, it is possible to apply delay between the moment power level drops below limit and the moment STUPS requests shutdown. This makes allowances for short power glitches without any disruption to the service or operation of the embedded system. This feature is beneficial in industrial environments where short power blips are common and low quality of power causes high failure rates of embedded systems.

The STUPS is a smart device that can be customized to maximize the performance of your system and enhance your application.

We keep you running with the STUPS.

Engineering samples are available.

User Manual


Customizable Carrier Board for Q7


The Q7 is a new computer module standard that is compact and cost efficient but with the robustness to handle high speed PCI Express signals.  Paired with LCI’s customizable carrier board, the BASE-4192, you can count on shorter development times, long life cycles and ability to drop in your preferred Q7 module.

The grunt work is done. All you have to do is choose – remove or add features and you can have a solution that is perfectly suited to your application.

BASE-4192 Data Sheet