At LCI, we strive to exceed customer expectations everyday.

We support every stage of your product development with efficient services, technical proficiency, and a high level of integrity.


The benefits for you when you depend on LCI for your complete product development are:

– good understanding of the intended development approach, activities and schedules
– more accurate estimates of unit costs and lead times earlier in the engineering cycle
– more efficient engineering change management and problem-solving
– savings and on-time delivery – we have a comprehensive set of reference designs that can be applied to most projects
– support from the entire LCI team
– regular project reviews to keep you up-to-date on our progress
– assurance of a high-quality product


We provide responsive and reliable in-house manufacturing services to support the products we have designed as well as customers whose low volume requirements may not receive the visibility and priority their projects deserve at large EMS facilities. Our high-mix low volume manufacturing ensures quick turnaround times and our engineering expertise ensures high-quality products every time.

Test & Verification

High-quality functional testing and verification are key elements of our product development process. At the start of each project, we determine how the end product will be tested. We prepare test plans, test scenarios and follow checklists to confirm that the required functionalities were implemented correctly. At the end of development, we execute the test plans to verify the right results. We develop our own test fixtures in conjunction with the product’s development to qualify performance and quality at prototype stage.

All builds and test procedures are well documented to ensure traceability in both materials and processes. You can be assured that your final design is rigorously tested.

You can also depend on our expertise to develop a test system that will support your volume production. Our customers’ objectives sometimes push the limits of what is technically possible, but our creative team is always able to respond with test platforms that validate the designs and confirm the performance, quality and reliability of the products to be delivered.

Our passion for solving complex test requirements will help you capitalize on your investments and deliver your products with confidence.

Life Cycle Management

We strive to meet your technology requirements with parts that will be available for many years so you can:

– recoup the time & costs spent in R&D and manufacture
– manage your inventory
– achieve your expected profits
– mitigate re-designs

Our design process includes investigation of drop-in replacements or suitable alternatives that would have little or no impact to your design should a substitution be required.

We inform you of all Last Time Buys and End Of Life dates in advance so you can make provisions for inventory and have time to plan for the next generation of your product.

You can rely on LCI’s technology expertise to keep you moving forward.

Quality & Support

Low quality leads to loss of customers. Happy customers are integral to our business.

We continuously assess our processes for areas of improvement. We follow sound engineering practices and methodologies at all stages of a project and as part of daily operations.