The projects we have completed answer the needs of specific applications, but the fundamentals can be applied successfully in a wide range of markets. By keeping abreast of the latest technologies and continuously improving our internal processes, we can help you reduce the risks, time and costs associated with all new endeavours. Here’s a short list of past projects:

                                                                ACCESS TERMINAL REDESIGN

                                                                ADVANCED CARDIAC MONITORING DEVICE

                                                                BILL VALIDATOR TEST & CALIBRATION SYSTEM

                                                                CONSULTING – B2B DIVESTITURE

                                                                ELECTRICAL TEST SYSTEM

                                                                GAS DETECTOR ALGORITHM UPGRADE

                                                                INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION MODULE

                                                                LED PANEL TESTING

                                                                MEDIA ORIENTED SYSTEMS TRANSPORT (MOST)

                                                                MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEM (MEMS)

                                                                Q7 SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER