Advanced Cardiac Monitoring Device

(Cortex-M4 Microcontroller, BTooth LE, Android, iOS, Cloud)


LCI was enlisted to develop a proof-of-concept design for a portable cardiac monitoring device. The major challenge was a request for an extremely short development time to produce the working prototype.


The device designed by the LCI team consisted of two major components:
• A patch that would attach to a patient’s chest and perform measurement and heart pattern anomaly detection functions.
• Android or iOS based portable device that collects the data sent by the patch and re- transmits it to a cloud server.

The 32-bit Cortex-M4 microcontroller was selected to provide high performance for pattern detection DSP algorithms. This choice also minimized current consumption to provide long battery life.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol was selected to optimize device battery life and provide a convenient means for the transfer of data to the portable device.

LCI’s development process was custom tailored to deliver the shortest feasible time to completion. Communication specification between the main microcontroller, BLE chip and portable device was defined very early in the process. This allowed the team to develop the main firmware, BLE chip firmware, Android and iOS applications in parallel. An additional PC application in C# was developed for evaluation of measurement signals and processing algorithms.

Two versions of the hardware were developed in parallel:

• development board with multiple circuits included test and debugging features to speed up circuit testing and firmware development
• life-size board with circuit targeted for working prototype

Winning Result:

Using a customized development process enabled the LCI team to develop a fully functional proof- of-concept prototype in approximately half the time typically required for a project of similar scope. This allowed LCI’s client to meet their scheduled targets and continue to the next round of venture capital funding.

Market Served:

Health care and Medical