Bill Validator Test & Calibration System

(C/C++, USB Driver, C#)


LCI’s client, designer and manufacturer of Bill Validators, needed a software application that will calibrate and test a new generation of this product. The requirements were:

1.  The application must:

  •  support custom communication protocol using USB connection to the device
  •  be modular as future changes and algorithm improvements are planned
  •  support various types of local and remote databases to store measured and calculated values
  •  provide traceability of test criteria, calibration and test results

2.  Several versions of the user interface are needed to meet the different requirements of the manufacturing, development and research teams


The LCI team developed a custom USB driver in C++ to provide high speed communication between the test computer and the device. The rest of the application was developed in C# to shorten development lead time and provide high development efficiency. A user interface was specifically tailored for each team.

In addition, LCI provided a calibration procedure to improve device performance and a multi-point testing process guaranteed manufacturing quality. The custom application also calculated quality control metrics needed for further manufacturing improvements.

Winning Result:

The client’s engineering and development teams now have a tool that shortens the time needed to validate and verify their development work and the modularity of the application architecture that LCI implemented supports efficient future modifications.

Market Served: Industrial Electronics