Electrical Test System


Requirement for a reliable measurement system for industrial use to replace off-the-shelf Data Acquisition cards and systems with extraneous features that add to project costs.


Designed a modular electrical test system with the exact features our client needed to meet the simple to complex demands of automotive electrical and functional testing. The test system was intended to interface with sensors and communicate results to a PC or PLC. The system we delivered included:
• analog inputs: voltage 10 – 10V; current 4 – 20ma
• high current measurements up to 15A
• digital inputs and outputs
• 4-wire resistance measurement
• Support for industrial communication protocols: CAN, GM-LAN, LIN, Keyword (as an option)
• on-board microcontroller for data processing. One example: run a test sequence in the on-board microcontroller and provide results such as pass, fail, or alarm to a PLC – eliminating the need for a PC.
• ability to perform digital signal processing on board (e.g. FFT)

Winning Result:

Our client continues to save costs using a custom solution that directly competes in reliability, performance and features and, wins against expensive brand name products.

Market Served: Automotive