MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS)

Device Under Test (DUT):

Gyroscopic sensor in a plastic package, similar to an off-the-shelf integrated circuit, for use in anti-skid, anti-rollover automotive application.


Requirement for a complex calibration and testing system to increase measurement precision and provide optimum device performance. To meet cycle time requirements, a large number of DUTs needed to be tested in parallel at -40 to +125 deg. C. System specifics demanded a custom solution as the use of off-the-shelf components was prohibitive.


Designed and implemented a smart tray solution with the ability to test 720 devices simultaneously: 24 smart trays each testing 30 DUTs. The smart trays contained all test, measurement and calibration analog and digital circuitry and micro-controller to control the test sequences. The trays were connected to the PC-based master test station using industrial network – dual wire, high speed CAN hardware layer was selected to meet robustness, reliability and data throughput requirements. Message priority and time division structure were implemented for reliable transfer of time-critical and bulk data between stations; error verification and retry logic were also integrated. Each smart tray contained a continuously running self-test circuitry to guarantee high performance and prevent the release of incorrectly calibrated devices.

Winning Result:

Through creativity and smart engineering, LCI delivered a test system on time and on budget with the exact features the client needed to successfully complete their manufacturing process.

Market Served: Semiconductor Manufacturing