About Us

Since incorporating in 2012, Linear Computing Inc. (LCI) has embarked on a growth path to be the one-stop company that addresses a problem many customers face as they compete to develop leading-edge products in the embedded systems market – find a single reliable resource who will translate their vision into an end product that meets its objectives, costs, and schedules. Our business today revolves around electronics, software, and mechanical engineering, product development, test and manufacture.

Our team has 20+ years of engineering design excellence. We continue to expand our knowledge in leading-edge technologies to help customers develop innovative products in new markets. They can rely on our proficiency and sound business practices to meet the demands to excel.

LCI is committed to delivering products and services that surpass customer expectations everyday.

Our Expertise

High-tech electronics design

Firmware development

Application software development

Product development

Our Specialties

Embedded systems design

Low power low voltage design


Test, calibration, and measurement

High mix, low volume manufacturing

Microcontroller & PC software

 Integration of Sensor Technologies

Why LCI?

We enable customers to succeed in their businesses.

LCI has the unique advantage of having all the necessary expertise under one roof.

We address your needs as a whole so you can avoid the hassle of dealing with various companies to get a problem solved or product made. You will have more time to concentrate on your core competencies.  

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