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Linear Computing Inc. (LCI) is the single reliable source who can take your product from concept to reality.

Our expertise is embedded systems engineering design, product development, test and manufacture. Our strength is delivering exceptional results within tight schedules while keeping costs down.

Our Process



We conduct a thorough review of specifications, feasibility, technology, design options, costs, assembly options, future improvements, risks, etc, to assure that the intended product will meet its objectives.​


Design & Development

We conduct our design & development processes with complete transparency so you have the confidence ​that your project is progressing well towards your objectives. Using LCI as your single point of contact equates to more value, faster delivery and assurance of high quality results.



We assemble all prototype PCBs in-house to retain control of the quality we deliver and ensure quick turn around times. We can provide a custom-designed enclosure for all your electronics and install your software to give you a fully functional, configured and tested prototype system.



We provide responsive and reliable in-house manufacturing and assembly services. All builds and test procedures are well documented to ensure traceability in both materials and processes. We are focused on reducing manufacturing wastes by continuous assessment of our processes for areas of improvement to lower costs while delivering value​.


Test & Verification

All manufactured products go through stringent testing procedures. We develop test platforms that validate the designs and confirm the performance, quality and reliability of the products to be delivered. Our passion for solving complex test requirements will help you capitalize on your investments and deliver your products with confidence.​


Delivery and Support

We work with you to coordinate and execute delivery of your finished products. We provide technical support, life cycle management, and warranty programs to ensure the continuous success of your products.

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Let's work together to bring your ideas to life!

LCI is committed to taking the stress out of your product development.