We provide a wide range of services

from software and firmware design, to hardware design and manufacture. 
You can depend on us to develop reliable and progressive solutions.

Choose from our comprehensive list of services to support you in any stage of your project:

Engineering Design

Design feasibility for new projects,
Hardware and software design improvements,
System simulations for existing and new projects with recommended improvements,
User and design documentation,
Custom IP design licenseable to the customer.

Electronics Design

Architecture and development of digital and mixed-signal PCBs,
Redesign or design verification,
Tooling and prototyping,
Investigation of drop-in replacements or suitable alternatives.
Specialties in: analog, microcontroller, processor modules, FPGA, DSP, automotive and industrial communication protocols, and power supplies.

Software & Firmware Design

Embedded/Firmware development,
Application software development.
Specialties in: Linux, VxWorks, Windows, Android, FPGA, CUDA GPU.

Product Development

Modification of existing product,
Formulation of a new design to meet market needs,
Clear definition of project goals, costs, and product objectives,
Understanding of the intended development approach,
Efficient engineering change management and problem-solving.


Surface mount and thru-hole assembly,
High‐mix low‐volume manufacturing,
Systems integration,
Custom enclosures & Cable harnesses,
Life cycle management,
Quality Assurance,
BOM management,
100% of products tested,
Detailed documentation for traceability in materials and processes.


Prototype performance verification,
Functional testing and calibration,
System simulation,
Assist in certification testing,
Test fixture design and build for volume production.

Our Partners

Linear Computing Inc. is a proud member of the Toradex Partner Network. We support Toradex customers with product development by providing valuable hardware and software services such as carrier board design, firmware development, application development, OS & driver development and systems integration.

Linear Computing Inc.’s and KFB Control’s combined technical acumen help customers tackle all engineering activities associated with large-scale control systems. KFB has extensive experience in the Automation and Control market. They are a leader in providing complex hardware and software solutions, and integral systems support to major companies in the petro-chemical, energy, mining, exploration, oil and gas, and power distribution industries

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